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Written by on 11 April 2023

Online Radio Station for Cape Town

Radio Cape Town, your one stop destination for the best rock music curated for the beautiful people of Cape Town and the world. We love old school rock celebrating the classic rock anthems that have stood the test of time. Our playlist is a celebration of this golden age. We often pay tribute to one of the most iconic rock bands in history. AC/DC music their electrifying sound and larger than life stage presence has made this band legendary.

Step back in time as we bring you the best of the 80s and the 90s. Our 80s music is the ultimate destination for everyone who loves the vibrant tunes and iconic artists of this era.  Our 90s music experience brings you the best of a decade filled with diverse musical genres, breakthrough artists and timeless hits taking you back to the turn of the century.

Our upbeat music is your go-to for energetic tunes putting a spring in your step and a smile on your face. One of our favorites, Canadian rock legend Bryan Adams whose timeless music and powerful vocals and a career spanning over 4 decades is as timeless as we are.

Our feel-good music aims to fill your heart with warmth and sunshine. Our playlist features a delightful blend of tunes and artists that will uplift you through any day. A favourite of ours, Ed Sheeran’s music with his heartfelt melodies and captivating storytelling is known as one of the most successful singer songwriters of our time.


Radio Cape Town is an Online (only) Radio Station. In other words, you need the Internet to stream our Radio Station.
This can be done:

Online Radio Streaming is still a relatively new concept to the public at large in South Africa. We have accepted that TV (Netflix, Showmax, etc) is now predominately consumed online, Music (Spotify, You Tube Music, etc) is streamed online, but there are still those that are reluctant to stream and consume live radio on the internet.
With the accelerated roll out of uncapped Fibre, this resistance to consume live radio online will shift.

Streaming Radio Cape Town via the Mobile App connected with bluetooth to your car’s system is an option that will get more traction in the near future.

Yes, mobile data is expensive in SA when compared to other countries, but our mobile app has a smart brain inside that will detect if you are streaming via Wifi or Mobile Data.
If Mobile Data is detected, the stream rate is reduced to use less data. (There is an option to turn this off if you wish to stream via mobile data at high quality)

The future is hear, it has been for a while. Lets embrace the change.

Radio Cape Town: Smart Radio for Capetonians and other LEKKER people.



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