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Radio Cape Town is a brand-new online radio station located in Somerset West, Cape Town. Launched officially on 3 March 2023 after twelve months of conceptualisation and development.

As a fully Licensed Online Music and Lifestyle Radio Station, the intent is to create content and a unique listener experience spiced with the flavours and sounds of Cape Town. Radio Cape Town is unique in not following the standard radio industry formula.

All activities on Radio Cape Town, from conceptualisation to development, partnerships with stakeholders are underpinned and governed by our three pillars, Innovation, Optimism and Altruism.


This is smart radio for smart people like you. Your reward for being exceptional, is to be one of the first to livestream us and listen in as this exciting venture unfolds. (Simply hit the ‘play’ button upstairs.)

It’s early days, eager beaver! Asseblief (please) be gracious, it’s still a baby in nappies. But the baby is still cute and entertaining. P.S. You may tell your friends how exceptional and brilliant you were in finding us first!

Our music is Upbeat, Rock and Feel Good, but with an edgy underbelly. Our music playlist is familiar yet edgy appealing to wide age spectrum, with a generic focus leaning towards the Rock genre. Our content will be about the positive happenings, showcasing human spirit, kindness, and generosity.


Who are we: You know smart phones, experienced smart TV (yeah… all those hours binge watching) now it’s time for Smart Radio (binge listening perhaps?). Specifically smart radio for Cape Town! We are an online lifestyle radio for digital savvy listeners, or simply put for lekker people who know and love Cape Town. Locally and globally.

We are radio. We are Cape Town

Radio Cape Town – Smart Radio Station